Vienna the Ashen
Vienna Mugshot
KitN Enemy
Class Cendrillon
HP (Easy) 9000
HP (Medium) 18000
HP (Hard) 36000
HP (Nightmare) {{{hp4}}}
EXP 1030000
Level 72
Move Ground
Key Item Picture Book
Encountered Scene 35
Bullet I Rogue Rouge
Bullet II Demonic Raven


Pause Talk:Edit

  • "(I'm so hungry...)"
  • "(I don't even know how to fight...)"
  • "(How am I supposed to defeat this...?"
  • On Vilgo, A Trusted Leader: "(I must avenge Sir Vilgo...)"
  • "(I'm so hungry... I feel so weak...)"
  • On Moja, A Trusty Friend: "(Moja... You'd better help.)"

Using Key Item:Edit

  • "(I never wanted this...)"
  • "(My mother... I miss her so much...)"