Vienna (灰被りのヴィーニャ Haikaburi no Vinya, lit. Soot-stained Vinya?) is a character in Knights in the Nightmare. She is a survivor of the Mehse race who stages an ambush on the Wisp as it passes the western lands, in an attempt to avenge the oppression and persecution by Gleivnir kingdom.
Vienna the Ashen
Vienna Mugshot
KitN Boss
Class Cendrillon
HP (Easy) 9000
HP (Medium) 18000
HP (Hard) 36000
HP (Nightmare) {{{hp4}}}
EXP 1030000
Level 72
Move Ground
Key Item Picture Book
Encountered Scene 35
Bullet I Rogue Rouge
Bullet II Demonic Raven


Pause Talk:Edit

  • "(I'm so hungry...)"
  • "(I don't even know how to fight...)"
  • "(How am I supposed to defeat this...?)"
  • On Vilgo, A Trusted Leader: "(I must avenge Sir Vilgo...)"
  • "(I will avenge my friends, and my parents...)"
  • "(I'm so hungry... I feel so weak...)"
  • "(I don't want to be hungry anymore...)"
  • "(I don't care if we both die... I need strength!)"
  • "(I can't go on...)"
  • On Moja, A Trusty Friend: "(Moja... You'd better help.)"

Using Key Item:Edit

  • "(I never wanted this...)"
  • "(My mother... I miss her so much...)"
  • "(Happy endings are all a lie...)"


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