Vishna Elle Alestie
"I will execute my duties without fail."
Knight of Aventheim
Title Unseen Wanderer
Kana ヴィシュナ=エレ=アレスティ
Romaji Vishuna Ere Aresuti
Japanese Name Vishnah Ele Aresti
Race Ingeid
Sex Female
Age 28
Order 8th
Unit Class Hermit
Element Ice
Level 50
Encountered Scene 34
Item Worn Faceguard
Route Both
Vishna, also known as Vishnah is a playable character in Knights in the Nightmare.

Base StatsEdit

Lv 50
VIT 38
L.I 69
C.I 93
LOY 49%

Website DescriptionEdit

Known as a vicious warrior of few words, her loyalty lies with the Cardinal. She carries out his orders without question, yet finds discontent in his allegiances.

Tome DescriptionEdit

Loyal to Cardinal Capehorn, she is a responsible and capable fighter. However, she dislikes how much praise the Cardinal gives to Yelma. She used to let her emotions get the best of her, but one day long ago, a close friend of hers met with an ultimate tragedy because Vishna was unable to react in time. Now, she is stern and detached. Vishna considers General Morozof to be her arch-nemesis.


Pause Talk:Edit

  • On Capehorn, A Great One: "The cardinal saw my potential above the others."
  • On Capehorn, A Great One: "Why does the cardinal grant that witch her indulgences?"
  • On Capehorn, A Great One: "His men are of a lesser ilk than those of the king."
  • On Aquina, A Superior: "I wonder how Lady Aquina feels about that witch..."
  • On Yelma, An Unforgiven One: "Not even the cardinal's men speak of that witch."
  • On Yelma, An Unforgiven One: "How can one with unknown origins be so tolerated?"
  • On Yelma, An Unforgiven One: "I will never forgive her treason!"
  • On Yelma, An Unforgiven One: "The cardinal took her in and she betrayed him!"
  • On Yelma, An Unforgiven One: "One more time... just one more slash..."
  • On Piche, One to Protect: "I wonder if Lady Piche is safe..."
  • On Magda, A Knight: "It's sad that such able men are so loyal to the king..."
  • On Sofine, A Talented Girl: "I'm looking forward to her growth..."
  • On Morozof, A Hindrance: "That man is far too apt in military affairs..."
  • On Rondine, An Enemy: "Morozof has a lap dog... How impudent..."
  • On Algiery, A Dangerous One: "I'd heard of a Tiamat spy, but... her? Unbelievable."
  • "Everything was done with the kingdom in our minds."
  • "But we've vanquished our enemies!"
  • "My consciousness is... going... Everything is..."
  • "My body... won't move...! Someone! Answer me..."
  • "I shall not wither away in a place like this...!"

Using Key Item:Edit

  • "Putting this mask on... turns me into someone else."
  • "I was brought here to carry out my orders."
  • "I will not see things I don't need to see..."


  • "Without resolution, death shall not pacify me!"

Level Up:Edit

  • "Power is seeping through..."
  • "Thank you very much."
  • "I can become... stronger..."
  • "Thank you... for giving me power!"


  • "You must give me a reason! Please, I ask your reason!"


  • If offered: "I can't go away without leaving something..."
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