Walder W. Wallace
Knight of Aventheim
Title Deadly Phantom
Kana ワルダー=V.ウォーレス
Romaji Warudā V. Wōresu
Japanese Name Walder V. Wallace
Race Rondalia
Sex Male
Age 29
Order 2nd
Unit Class Archer
Element Fire
Level 12
Encountered Scene 11
Item Foreign Gun
Route Both
Walder is a playable character in Knights in the Nightmare.

Base StatsEdit

Lv 12
VIT 45
L.I 73
C.I 41
LOY 61%

Tome DescriptionEdit

"Walder's marksmanship is thought to be nearly unparalleled among the knights, second only to General Granitz himself. His sharp gaze causes people to regard him as cold and uninviting, but he is actually quite concerned for the welfare of those around him. He is very focused, and he does not rest until he has finished what he set out to accomplish. Walder's surprisingly vast vocabulary has been known to impress the kingdom's poets and orators."


Pause Talk:Edit

  • On Staehel, A Great Archer: "Sir Staehel has a natural aptitude, and magnetism."
  • On Staehel, A Great Archer: "I am not as worthy of respect as he claims..."
  • On Staehel, A Great Archer: "He has amazing potential."
  • On Josef, A Chaotic Man: "The smartest eagles hide their claws..."
  • On Josef, A Chaotic Man: "I once worked in Sir Josef's squad."
  • On Josef, A Chaotic Man: "Knowledge alone will never trump experience."
  • On Josef, A Chaotic Man: "Sir Josef's decision was a bold one."
  • On Cornela, A Model Knight: "Her sincerity sets a standard for the others."
  • On Colt, One With a Future: "He needs more skill, but his emotions are checked."
  • On Aquina, A Level Archer: "I hear General Aquina is quite skilled at shooting."
  • On Granitz, A Superb Archer: "I am nothing compared to Sir Granitz..."
  • On Gieche, One With a Future: "His older brother is a knight in the 1st Order."
  • On Hydrick, A Luck Pusher: "I need Hydrick to stop being so reckless..."
  • "If you need me in battle, give me a bow and arrow."
  • "Our true enemies lie within ourselves."
  • "I do things so I don't regret it later."
  • "I will walk the way I believe in."
  • "Don't stop. Walk."
  • "If you give up, that's where it ends."
  • "Some formed resistance squad against the monsters."
  • "Even with our bravest men, I fear for our chances..."
  • "The monsters' strength is unknown. It's surely vast."
  • On Rivulia, A Dire Monster: "The monsters at the gates... are so strong!"
  • "I don't want to believe it, but all of my comrades..."
  • "They were good men. I can't believe they're gone."
  • "What was I able to do for them?"

Using Key Item:Edit

  • "A blacksmith recommended this weapon to me..."
  • "I've never seen a weapon like this in our kingdom."


  • "As a knight of the kingdom, I offer my service."

Level Up:Edit

  • "I'm not advancing quickly enough..."
  • "I must grow stronger..."
  • "...Thank you very much."
  • "With power, I shall smite our enemies."


  • "What were my weak points? I am truly saddened..."

Transoul - DonationEdit

  • "All is for the kingdom, and the kingdom is for all."

Transoul - ReceptionEdit

  • "If these souls are to found a new kingdom, I take them!"
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