Nameless Grim Angels battling against demons never seen in-game.

Ragnarok is the great cataclysm that took place between the gods of Asgard and the demons of Utgard. Zolgonark (aka Hades) apparently instigated this titanic war, resulting in the gods' extinction. Asgard was losing this battle at first, but the strength of the Grim Angels tipped the scales in their favor. Every game in the Dept. Heaven series thus far is set after the events of Ragnarok. Post-Ragnarok, the Seven Magi now rule over Asgard, being the closest things to gods that are still alive.


  • Ragnarok is also the name of Seth-Rah's Break Out! in her default form.
  • In Yggdra Union, defeating Marietta at Heaven's Gate results in her army clashing with Asgard and causing a war called Ragnarok. This, however, is a simple mistranslation; furthermore, this ending is obviously non-canon.
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