Warrior (ウォーリア Wōria?) is a Knight Class in Knights in the Nightmare. These units are suited for attacking from the front of the area, striking forward.

Tier: Front Fighter

Game Description Edit

A heavily-armored brawler who can swing a large axe as if it were a feather. His mighty attacks can tear through foes and obstacles.

Attack StyleEdit

Warriors can only attack to the north-east and north-west.


Swing: Swing an axe in a wide line to smite everything in front. The Law attack targets the 5 squares in the row in front of the warrior, centered on the warrior.

Additional Effect: Break


Power Chop: Swing the axe down to send out a mighty shockwave. The Chaos attack targets the square in front of the warrior and then forks into three arms extending 3 squares from the warrior. If the attack hits an item that is at 100%, the item is destroyed and orbs are released.

Additional Effect: Break

Gallery Edit

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