In Knights in the Nightmare weapons obtained throughout the game can be upgraded through the use of Orbs and Mediums during the Enhancement process. Each time a weapon is enhanced, its Quality increases by +1, improving its damage potency. The amount of Orbs and Mediums required varies among the weapons. Through each successful enhancement, the success rate decreases, making it gradually more difficult to further improve the weapon. If an enhancement attempt fails, the materials used will be wasted. The amount of materials required can also increase as the weapon's quality is improved.

Effects and ChargingEdit

Increasing the quality of a weapon will yield special Effects, which can be considered in a strategy. Each weapon has a unique set of effects which are unlocked progressively; in other words, if Effect 3 is desired, the first two must be acquired first through refinement. The amount of enhancements necessary to unlock its effects depends on the weapon itself. Beware, as there are negative effects in addition to helpful ones.

Enhancing a weapon comes with a price: the higher the weapon's quality, the longer it takes to charge. This will, as a result, consume more time; without proper consideration, high-quality weapons may do more harm than good. Therefor, using lower-quality weapons can prove to be more efficient.

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