The White Rose Crest is dropped by Rosary's phantom in BF33A, available only if the player has recruited Roswell in Chapter 2 - Lost Days. It is the counterpart of the Black Rose Crest.

GEN +4
ATK -4
TEC +4
LUK -4
Lasts 1 map
Equip All but Roswell
Effect [O] Holy attack UP
Location BF33A, on Rosary

Morale DataEdit

Yggdra 1000
Milanor 0000
Durant 1000
Nietzsche 1000
Roswell 0000
Rosary 8000
Russell 1000
Cruz 0000
Elena 3000
Kylier 1000
Gordon 1000
Mistel 0000
Pamela 1000


  • Though Rosary has Morale restoration data for this item, she cannot ever use it in-game because it only appears in the version of BF33 in which she has long-since been deceased.
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