Wind Bowgun (落鳳の強弩 Ochi otori no kyōdo?, Grand Crossbow "Falling Phoenix"), also localized as Falcon Bow and Fallen Phoenix, is a recurring weapon in Dept. Heaven series.


The Wind Bowgun is a Battle Item in Riviera: The Promised Land. It belongs to a series of anti-air weapons.


A RankEdit

B RankEdit

  • Dark Elf - x5

Skill DataEdit


Phoenix Arrow Stats
Type Physical Attack
Power 160
Hits 1
Accuracy 110%
Base Wait 60
Variance 16%
Target Far enemy
Effects Anti-air
Skill Level 0
Overskill None


Throw Stats
Type Physical Attack
Power 20
Hits 1
Accuracy 60%
Base Wait 45
Variance 2%
Target Random Enemy A
Effects Inaccurate
Skill Level 0
Overskill N/A

Falcon Bow is one of the ultimate bow weapons available in Knights in the Nightmare. Normally, it can be utilized to its full capacity by Ganosh, Cress and Colt.

Falcon Bow
Falcon Bow KitN sprite
Type Archer
Element Neutral
Level 46
Law Attack Force Arc -> Brave Arc
Chaos Attack Strike Barrage -> Flaying Barrage
Effect 1 90
Effect 2 04
Effect 3 19

Phase Name Damage Hits Total
Law Force Arc -> Brave Arc 937 6 5622
Chaos Strike Barrage -> Flaying Barrage 702 5 3510

Fallen Phoenix is the second strongest bowgun available in the game.


  • Weapon Type: Bowgun
  • Grade: 4 Star
  • Affinity: Null


  • Base Power: 161
  • Main Action I: Banishing Phantom (N)
  • Main Action III: Riot Angle (N)
  • Main Action IV: Crimson Wing (N, Gravity, Effective against Harpies)
  • Beat: Gravity




  • Cost: ? gold.
  • Sell: ? gold.

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