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Magicians who use brooms instead of staffs. They create golems with their skill Doll Craft!

Witch is a fairly common class in Yggdra Union. Statistically, enemy witches are tame, yet their weapon affinity: Rods gives them a slight advantage over most of the player's units, particularly in the early-game. Witches love fire magic, and they use this element when attacking aggressively. Witches can also use their signature skill: Doll Craft to summon Golems.


The witch class' only ability is to Void Fire, which makes them immune to Fire attacks and skills.


GEN ATK TEC LUK Size Move Weapon Formation
3 3 5 4 Small Walk Rod Cross +

Witch gungnir.png
The Witch can use her broom to fly to places other classes can't reach, making her valuable in setting up ambushes or confusing the enemy in general. However, her HP is the lowest of all classes, so she is very sensitive to attacks.

Witches are highly useful classes thanks to the mobility granted by their flying brooms. While in the air, they can traverse normally unreachable paths to surprise and outflank the enemy before retreating to a safe distance. The Witch’s ability to prepare Gram traps only enhances her already cunning skills.

List of Witches[]

Name Fire Water Earth Air Specialty Number Description
Kriemhild +3 -2 -3 +2 IV A witch with great agility and a fine... physique.
Rosa +3 -2 +2 -3 IV A great magician, if you ignore her poor health.
Sofine 0 -2 -1 +3 III She's weak but fast enough to make it up.
Annalot +2 +2 +2 -2 II Just your everyday witch.

Notable Witches[]


  • Though witches can summon golems, this skill has only been practiced on-screen by Rosary.
  • Pamela has a unique class, Mystic Witch, which is a variant of this one.