Wyrm is an enemy class in Knights in the Nightmare.


The first bullet, Stinger Shot, is a circle of spikes that travels in a fan-like fashion. It is telegraphed by the Wyrm spinning in place.

The second bullet, Riot Wind, creates a large tornado that moves around the screen unpredictably and can turn sharply. The dragon flies up and flaps its wings when this attack is prepared.

The special action has the Wyrm spitting two balls of fire which create lingering tongues of flame on the screen. While very little time is allowed to jam this ability, it is easy to dodge.

Pause Talk:Edit

  • "Pha grahisha grr.. (I'll swallow you whole!)"
  • "Phrahaaaa! (I will crush you!)"
  • "Hissh! (Insolent creature!)"
  • "Graaah! (Face me, weakling!)"
  • "Hrrrisssssh? (You want to fight?)"
  • "Hiss sharaaah... (I do not fear you...)"

On dying:Edit

  • "Hrrrraaaa..."
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