Yggdra This article relates to the plot of the game Yggdra Union. It may contain spoilers for the game.

The following is a list of questions and answers regarding the more complicated plot points and mechanics in Yggdra Union.

What is Morale?

Morale is the equivalent of HP thematically termed to be the desire to go on in war.

Why does using items raise morale?

As far as the medals go, it makes perfect sense: the leader who receives the medal has been honored, and received a vote of confidence from the commander-in-chief. This is a psychological boost to both the leader and those who might choose to serve under him. The same probably holds for items: it's a kind of honor suggesting that the leader of the troop is respectable and worthy of being followed.

Why do characters go HIGH sometimes, but not others?

HIGH is a plot-mechanic status effect to make characters far more powerful without merely raising their level (something irrelevant in battle considering the stat cap; proved by Marietta). It is a state of profound morale and full confidence that victory is close at hand.

Why did the Empire invade Fantasinia?

Stated reason: to have the entire continent united under the rule of the strong. Fantasinia was the most powerful state on the continent, and also the largest: Embellia province and the Rose Domains could only be accessed through Fantasinia.

Why did the Empire stop its invasion of the continent?

Because Durant's strategy of destroying their supply lines worked. The Empire could not make good its losses and was slowly beaten back by the resurgent Royal Army.

Why did Gulcasa invade Meriant?

Several reasons:

  • to stop Yggdra's coronation; to stop her claiming of the power of the phoenix and the true power of the Gran Centurio.
  • to recapture Yggdra for the Brongaa resurrection ceremony.
  • because Gulcasa understood Yggdra to be his chief rival for the rule of the continent; to eliminate her before she became more powerful than him; because Gulcasa anticipated an attack by Fantasinia if Yggdra became queen.

Did Yggdra kill Gulcasa out of revenge?

She killed him to stop him from reviving Brongaa, which he was about to do.