In the Yggdra Union series, every map is composed of tiles consisting of various types of terrain. Most terrain do nothing unless a certain type of unit lands on the tile; many have either positive or harmful effects that should be kept in mind by the player.

Tile DataEdit

Plains - Offers no real advantages.

Wasteland - Benefits those with the ability Wasteland ☻, and allows for the use of Rockfall if the target is situated on a Wasteland tile.

Bridge - Benefits those with the ability Bridge ☻; can be destroyed by Golems and Earthquake.

Road - Benefits those with the ability Road ☻.

Water - Can only be traversed by Undines and G. Riders; Griffons can cross over them, but cannot land above them. The Mermaid Fin item allows non-swimmers to move into water tiles. Benefits any unit with Water ☻. All water tiles on the map turn into Ice if Diamond Dust is used.

Ice - Occurs if Diamond Dust is used during a battle. Will melt back into Water tiles during the Noon cycle; all non-swimmers situated atop them when the ice melts will Zero Reset. Enemy units never land above them unless they are an Undine. This terrain reduces defense by -10, which will increase Morale damage if the unit loses a clash.

Desert/Sand - Impedes movement by preventing any further steps beyond the tile; once a unit lands in a sand tile, they are unable to move again until the next turn. Adds to morale damage if the unit positioned in a sand tile loses a battle. This terrain weakens the performance of Undines and allows for the use of Sand Storm in combat.

Forest - Slightly reduces morale damage and benefits those with the Forest ☻ skill. Weakens the Knight class. This terrain will also allow for the use of Ivy Whip on enemies placed on Forest tiles.

Fort - Provides a hefty 40 reduction to morale damage; gives those with the Fort ☻ ability a boost in combat performance.

Village - Event tiles that provide +20 morale defense and trigger events when they are landed on.

Town - Terrain that provides +30 morale defense and benefits those with the Town ☻ ability.

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