Yggdrasil is the sixth stage in Riviera: The Promised Land.

Peseta EvergladesEdit

"The wetlands that extend out at the bottom of Yggdrasil. Gregarious plants grow in the water."

Spiral StonesEdit

"Stone blocks spiral around the giant pillar that rises from the center of Yggdrasil."

Manalith GardenEdit

"A group of floating stones known as Manalith are strung out in a 'spiral-like fashion."

Eternal EdenEdit

"Circular gardens float about, encompassing the trees over and over at the center of Yggdrasil."

Crumbling GardenEdit

"The first aquarium now lies in ruin. A powerful impact has caused the place to start crumbling."

The World TreeEdit

"The main tree that grows in the center of Yggdrasil. It is said that it gives lives to all."

Aquarium SpringsEdit

"Created by the gods, it protects and controls Yggdrasil. There are three Aquariums total."

Divine RayEdit

"The top area of Yggdrasil. Holy blue light fills the space. Crystal fibers spread out like a maze."

Where Wisdom LiesEdit

"The top of Yggdrasil. The monolith holding the wisdom of the gods lies here in the sacred light."

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