The Zombie Dragon is one of the secret bosses in Riviera: The Promised Land, and will drop the Key to Hell once defeated. It is found in Mireno Cemetery. There is no special item awarded according to the Ranking.



Wing Attack Stats
Type Physical Attack
Power 100
Hits 2
Accuracy 95%
Base Wait 40
Variance 10%
Target Near Enemy
Effects None


Poison Breath Stats
Type Dark Magic
Power 55
Hits 3
Accuracy 115%
Base Wait 60
Variance 5%
Target All
Effects Poison


  • Chaotic Propel: Boosts/Adds regeneration.
  • Evil Temperance: Raises STR and MGC.

Break Out!Edit

Drake Soul
Drake Soul Stats
Type Dark Magic
Power 65
Hits 3
Accuracy 125%
Base Wait 75
Variance 6%
Target All
Effects No guard/avoid; ignores VIT



00 Zombie Dragon's Status

Zombie Dragon's In-game Battle Status

HP STR MGC AGL VIT Guard Recovery Class
4,500 74 74 5 0 0% 0% Undead, Dragon


0 50 50 50 -50

Status ResistEdit

Dazzle Freeze Heat Poison Purify Sleep Stone
Immune Immune Immune Immune 51% Immune Immune

Battling Zombie DragonEdit

Zombie Dragon

Though it may be a little intimidating, the Zombie Dragon truthfully isn't a very difficult boss to defeat. The only thing you need to worry about is its powerful Break Out!, Drake Soul. Because of its high MGC and ridiculous elemental resistance, Physical and Holy attacks will work best.


  • Hades and Zombie Dragon are palette swaps, being purple and red respectively.
  • Because the Zombie Dragon has no back story whatsoever, some fans have speculated that it is the remains of Brongaa, who wasted away in Purgatory because (canonically), he was never reawakened during the events of Yggdra Union. This is mere speculation, and has no evidence in any game to support it, nor is it acknowledged by Sting.


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